The Importance of Eating Breakfast

The importance of eating breakfast cannot be overemphasized. According to dietitians and nutritionists, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It should, therefore, be the largest meal. Here, I will summarize a few points on the importance of breakfast. It replenishes the energy reserves in the body.

I am sure you always wake up hungry unless you have eating disorders. For this reason, you should always refuel your body every morning. Breakfast breaks the fasting that occurs throughout the night, and that that is how it got its name. It provides your body with the energy it requires to carry out the activities of the day.

It helps in weight loss If you are keen on your body weight, missing breakfast is a grievous mistake. Some people think that by missing breakfast, they are enhancing their weight loss efforts. This is never the case. Weight loss requires that you make breakfast your largest meal. Taking a healthy breakfast is one simple way of reducing snacking on sugary foods between meal times. Also, whenever you take breakfast, your metabolism is activated, and your body begins burning calories in the morning.

It Enhances Cognitive Performance

When you take breakfast in the morning, you replenish the energy reserves that may have been depleted during the night. Your brain is supplied with sufficient nutrients and oxygen to carry out its functions. Glucose levels are restored, enhancing memory. Your concentration levels are improved, and you spend the day a happy person. Indeed, your overall performance at work or school (and your quality of life) depends on whether you have taken nutritious breakfast or not. Whenever you start your day on an empty stomach, you are trying to drive a car without petrol.

It Bolsters Growth and Development in Children

kids playingIf there are people who should never miss breakfast, then it is children. Their bodies have high metabolic rates, and they need a lot of energy to carry out their normal daily functions. When a child misses breakfast, he or she cannot concentrate well in school. It is also difficult to play and have fun. Research shows that children who take breakfast every day in the morning perform better in school than those that don’t. It enhances the overall health of an individual

Heavy breakfast every day keeps the doctor away. Taking breakfast every day has been linked to reduced chances of catching diabetes and heart diseases. As noted earlier, it also reduces the chances of being overweight. It improves your eating habits keeps you in the pink of health at all times. Naturally, when you take breakfast, you are likely to take lunch and supper at the right times and in the right proportions. This is a step in the right direction as far as your overall body health is concerned.

In summary, as a matter of proper eating habits for healthy living, you should always take breakfast, lunch, and supper in the right order. Breakfast should be the largest meal. If you miss any of these meals, you interfere with the natural rhythm of eating. This means that you will either overeat or under eat at some time which is not good for your health.