Valuable tips on how to protect yourself when riding a motorbike

A lot of people take advantage of the great weather by going for a joyride using their motorbikes. They do this as a hobby, to unwind, see beautiful sceneries especially in the countryside, and enjoy the fresh air. You will find riding a motorcycle full of fun and excitement. However, you have to be very careful too because a lot of riders have already met accidents on the road.

If you are planning on going for a ride, read this post and learn more about how you can protect yourself while you are out on the road with your motorbike.

Protecting yourself when riding a motorcycle

hgdhgd64Riding a motorbike and going for an adventure is, without a doubt, a very exciting activity. But you have to ensure your safety too. Take note that for the past few years, there is a huge number of reported road accidents that involve motorcycles. So, it is crucial that before you head out, make sure that you have your safety gear with you.

Here are important reminders that you need to follow when riding a motorbike to ensure that you are safe and healthy;

Avoid riding against the traffic

Going on a busy street and riding against the traffic is very dangerous. Just imagine what the impact would be if you and your motorcycle collide with another vehicle. This would mean death. With that said, it is extremely important that you follow all the traffic rules and regulations when you are on the road. It is crucial that you maintain the right speed too.

Wear safety gear

There are various safety or protective gear that you can use when riding a motorbike. You need to invest in a helmet, boots, elbow and knee guards, as well as the best textile motorcycle jacket on the market. When shopping for such items, it is necessary that you choose only those that are durable and made from high-quality materials as this will increase the level of protection that they can provide you with.


Be alert

As a driver, you must stay alert at all times. You can’t drive and text. You need to avoid distractions. Instead, you should keep your eyes on the road and stay focused.

There are more things that you can do to protect yourself while you are out on the road. But the key to an amazing motorbike riding experience is to be a responsible driver, follow the rules, and wear protective gear.

Benefits Of Walking: Reasons Why Walking Is Good For You


Walking is a vital physical activity that can help you live a healthier life. Over a couple of years, there has been a debate on the walking benefits. According to Mayo Clinic, walking can help strengthen bones and muscles, improve your mood, reduce stroke risks, blood pressure, lose weight, control diabetes and improve your body balance and coordination.

  • Low risk of heart disease

rt43y543546jyrWalking strengthen your heart and reduces levels of cholesterol in the body. Every day 20-30 minutes’ brisk walking works well to control the blood pressure which is one of the leading causes of strokes. Studies by the Stroke Association found that walking reduces the risk of stroke by up to 27 percent.

  • Walking improves your mood

Through walking, you can look at the beautiful scenery around which will relieve the stress. A study by the Stroke Association found out that depressed people who walk for 30-45 minutes five times a week, cut down depression. A group walk can also have a significant impact on your moods as it will help you socialize too thus enhancing your mood.

  • Walking prevents dementia

Senior citizens who walk an average of five miles or more per week are less likely to suffer from dementia. Seniors can take with them an IPod to listen to music while walking.

  • Helps you lose weight

Moderate walking for 30 minutes at a speed of 2mph can help you lose up to 90 calories. You can even lose more weight if you increase your speed. For fun, you can walk with a pet, or with a friend. Studies found that walking could combat the effect of obesity-causing genes by 50 percent. Incorporate that walk into your daily routine, and you’ll lose the weight in no time.

  • Boost in body immunity

ewrtnrgft75Walking for 30-40 minutes will do wonders to your body immunity, over time. Studies indicate that walking would reduce the risk of getting sick by almost 40 percent. Through walking you will also get more energy, boost your blood circulation and increase the supply of oxygen to body cells making you feel alive and resistant to diseases.

  • Benefits of walking – boosts vitamin D intake

Through walking, you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery while getting vitamin D. majority of the people nowadays lack vitamin D, affecting their bone density and body immune system.

I recommend that you walk for 30 minutes every day during the week and increase that during the weekends.

Easy Healthy Ways To Boost Metabolism


People have different rates of metabolism, a chemical process that occurs in the body in order to maintain the living state of the cells. The truth is that nobody would like to have a slow metabolic process and the desire to improve it is ever rising.  Whereas there is no one trick or magic pill to boost metabolism, there are many natural ways to increase metabolism. Through a combination of the following strategies, you can effectively boost the way you convert food into energy that the body cells need to function.

  • Drink more water

eh46dtukcgfyr6Believe it or not drinking more water will enhance your metabolism. Studies carried out by the University of Utah found out that people who drink 8 to 12 eight-ounce glasses of per a day have a higher metabolic rate than those who drink only 4 eight-ounce glasses per day. Madelyn Fernstrom, Ph. D., director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, claims that though the extra calories burnt when drinking a glass of water is not too much, making it a habit will highly improve your body metabolism.

  • Get quality night’s sleep

Getting good night’s sleep has shown to boost metabolism. Researchers indicate that disturbances during sleep, being woken up frequently during the night, are not beneficial to the body as seven consecutive hours of sleep. So be sure to give yourself enough hours of sleep.

  • Eating breakfast is one way to boost metabolism

Starting the day can be a weary process. Good breakfast play an important role in helping to shift the metabolic process into gear. John Berardi, Ph.D., C.S.C.S, author of The Metabolism Advantage says that waking up and starting the day’s work minus eating breakfast shift your body into starvation mode. Therefore, your metabolism is lowered to conserve energy. A cup of fresh vegetable smoothie with almonds and spirulina is a great way to begin the day. Additionally, you can take a cup of steel-cut oat accompanied with fresh berries.

  • Take green tea

4bhtjyhf76ktyrInstead of having a cocktail before dinner, substitute it with green tea to boost your metabolism. It contains a plant compound known as ECGC, which promotes healthy digestion and weight loss. Studies conducted on the effect of green tea on weight loss found out that consuming 3-4 cups of green tea per day will torch an extra 50 calories in your body. Not a big amount of calories, but is a good way to improve your metabolism.